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Shoe Care and Repair

Shoe Care

All of our shoes are made with very high quality materials, however it is still important to periodically care for them with good quality shoe care products such as leather spray, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, shoe cream or polish, and cork sealant.

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We’d also like to highlight the following care tips particularly pertaining to your cork footbed Birkenstocks:

Avoid extreme heat. The EVA sole and the cork can be damaged from extreme temperatures and concentrated heat exposure. Cover them up if you take them to the beach and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight. We advise against leaving them in the car on a hot day. Keep them away from campfires, fireplaces, and indoor radiators. Also, don’t force dry them if they happen to get wet.


Apply cork sealant. Keep the cork well sealed with cork sealant such as Cork Life. This simple step definitely extends the life of your Birkenstocks. When you first purchase Birks, the cork is very shiny because it is well sealed. Whenever they start to look dull, that means it’s time to re-seal.

Cork Life

Replace or Renew worn soles. Almost anything on the Birkenstock is repairable. Keep an eye on the sole and consider repair once the sole wears down close to the cork.




We work with a local shoe crafter to provide repair services. Depending on the brand, many of our shoes and sandals can be resoled, restitched, and even recrafted. Stop in or call for pricing.

We stock replacement footbeds for most of the shoes and clogs we carry that have removable footbeds.

We also provide repair bags on hand for Mephisto and Finn Comfort so you can send your shoes directly to their authorized repair center.